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  • General catch up tuition may be required for your child and this is available for children from Year 5 - Year 6.

  • Year 6 specific sessions can be tailored for the end of year SATS test or it may be that your child just needs a boost to improve confidence. If you want to discuss options, please contact me. 




  • If ​your child has fallen behind or is struggling with certain elements of the syllabus then he/she will benefit from tutoring to enable him/her to get back on track. Tutoring is available from Year 7 to Year 9

  • GCSE specific tutoring for children in years 10 and 11 is also available. Depending on your child's ability, he/she will be entered for the 'Foundation' exam (the grade achieved will be limited to a 5 because it is a lower tier exam) or the 'Higher' exam (grade 9 being the top mark).  Your child's school will use a particular exam board (such as AQA or Edexcel) and test materials will be provided to help pupils prepare for the test. Parents can access  test materials via the following websites: 

  • or


There are also plenty of revision websites available and additional materials available to help pupils prepare. CGP Revision guides are particularly popular and relatively inexpensive - if you purchase their study guides, you will also be permitted to use an electronic edition too. Check out their publications at:

In terms of additional homework, some schools may set tasks for pupils or make use of online resources (schools buy into schemes of work provided by companies such as Hegarty, Corbett maths or My Maths) to supplement the teaching and learning in school.

Parents also use independent companies too. is a worthwhile website with some free access for exam revision and also provides exercises to practise topics from the maths curriculum for all year groups. 

  • A handy GCSE maths topic overview (foundation/Higher) can be downloaded here:

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